El proceso del deseo
L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 16/01/2012 to 20/01/2012

Mal Pelo
( Pep Ramis )

A workshop on desire, creation and edition of materials for stage. Writing, reading, meaning, time, silence, context, ritual, representation, aesthetics... will be some of the terms we will deal with and observe together. Others' desires and composition parameters are most surely not my own ones...

Each of us is a unique combination, a particular throw of dice, a manner in which life is presented. Life in each one of us is a degree of potency, it is not something fixed and given forever, but, something continuously becoming, growing and diminishing. These different movements of becoming are personal, they are not guided by identities.

"We are not all moved by the same precepts, nor will we feel attracted by the same concepts... Becoming is a process of desire". (G. Deleuze)