Creation Residence Collaborative Project  
Tengo Tiempo/I Have Time (from the series Top Mantras)
L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 27/06/2019 to 04/07/2019

Idoia Zabaleta
( Idoia Zabaleta )

During this residency Idoia Zabaleta will revise the lateral material from her recent creation processes. By lateral materials I mean those that are not central to the creation process but nevertheless keep me company as “good friends” and help me much more than they think. They are modest materials, simple passers by, loyal, that are there through thick and thin, that remind you where you come from, that help you distract yourself or confront contradictions when necessary, that come to visit you, that you can call anytime, that know they won’t come out in the film but don’t mind, even prefer it that way because they are embarrassed, but that always somehow end up as extras or making the sandwiches for the trip. It’s a question of friendship and therefore of time. These are latent images (doors, windows, walls, holes, meadows, caves…), ways of doing things (horizontal, from cold to hot with nothing in between, getting dirty…), gestures (opening and closing your hands, opening and closing your mouth, irradiating the sternum…), prayers (I have time, come on, it wasn’t me, get out if you can, for dear life…), songs (hil zara by Ibon r / g, gure oroitzapenak by Mursego, como lobos by Ainara LeGardon, a shepherds’ song by Chumo de Alvaro Barriuso…) and tangential thoughts (throwing things in the air to see what happens, crosswords, journeys…).

During this residency Idoia will look at some of this material that refuses to be “waste” and go deeper into this relationship of friendship and companionship, giving it time, giving herself time, time for it and for her.

Mantras are mental tools of illumination.
Mantras are overpowering words for prayer.
Mantras are elemental vibrations for creation.

On this occasion we shall be using the word time as a tool, not without first having crushed the word man, and we’ll see what form the crushing takes… Like one of those verbena poultices you put down your throat to cure angina.