Research Residence - Associate Project 2016  
Cartografías sensibles - Space and Notation
L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 30/04/2016 to 03/05/2016

Eugenia García Sottile, Joaquín Jara, Rosa Rodríguez
( Eugenia García Sottile, Joaquín Jara, Rosa Rodríguez )

The aim of this residency is to consolidate the first cycle of work on the research and creation project Cartografías Sensibles/Sensitive Cartographies by Eugenia García Sottile (curator), Joaquín Jara (plastic artist) and Rosa Rodríguez (textile artist).

Based on key ideas of perception, space and co-presence, the project is beginning to create its own language, taking shape in two singular environments: the garden and the vegetable patch. These surroundings are formed both conceptually and as specific, physical spaces in the city of Valencia: the Botanical Gardens (UVEG) and the Huerta de Castellar.
The plan for work at L’animal a l’esquena is to research how to create specific methods of notation and cartography to capture both the unique nature of each of these spaces and what they have in common, through the gestures that inhabit and sustain them.

Photography: Rosa Rodríguez