Creation Residence - Associate Project 2017-2018  
L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)
From 23/01/2017 to 04/02/2017
Presentation :
On 04/02/2017 at 19:00 in L'animal a l'esquena (Celrà)

Federica Porello, Marine Broise, Xavi Moreno
( Federica Porello, Marine Broise, Xavi Moreno )

WeWood is a work in progress in which Federica Porello, Marine Broise and Xavi Moreno they are investigating the bridges between dance and object manipulation. They are interested in the relation between gestures and things, and especially in how they can highlight the concreteness of a gesture, and the abstraction of a thing. In their past encounters they have been defining tools for improvising with objects, building a practice, which is their base for the creation of materials for the performance. Regarding movement, words such as dynamic, phrasing, precision, musicality and intensity have been accompanying them in this definition process, and regarding their relation to objects: animation, manipulation, integration, owning, building and imagination.

In the residency at L’animal a l’esquena, they will be focusing on observing and developing the theatrical potential of their vocabulary, testing possible abstract narratives, and exploring the richness of the dialogue between movement and stillness.

“We don’t play with things or with images, we play with objects that at the same time bend and resist our desires. We are with them in a state of union and separation. To play with a thing is to be in union with it in the same place of our separation”.
Francis Ponge

Creation and performance: Federica Porello, Xavi Moreno and Marine Broise
Dramaturgy: Federica Porello
Construction: Xavi Moreno
Images: Benjamin Sommabere
Production/diffusion (France): Les Chasseurs Cueilleurs
Co-production and support for the creation in France and Catalonia: Les Chasseurs Cueilleurs, IF Barcelona, Probedones d’Abaigt, La Visiva, La Caldera and Antic Teatre.
Residences: La Caldera, C.C.Guinardò, C.C. Zona Nord, Adriantic, La Visiva and L’animal a l’esquena (Catalonia) / Probedones d’Abaigt, La Page d’Aventure and le Théâtre de Cuisine (France).